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La Marca Prosecco Cocktails

What Your Prosecco Cocktail Says About You

While La Marca Prosecco shines brightly on its own, it can also be fun to splash it into a vibrant cocktail! What does your La Marca Prosecco cocktail of choice say about you?

Queen Bee Cocktail

You are confident, audacious and grand. You don’t just keep up with the trends—you’re out there setting them. Much like this delicious cocktail, you are poised and balanced. Equal parts sweet and tart, you never settle for anything less than who you truly are. And your friends love you for it!

Candied Sapphire Cocktail

You are a social butterfly—the unmistakable life of the party. You can turn an ordinary occasion into a celebration with ease. Like this sweet cocktail, you add an extra twist of flavour and charm wherever you go. You shine as brightly as the La Marca Prosecco in everyone’s glass.

Palazzo Punch Cocktail

You are vibrant and cultured. A day spent with you is a day spent truly living. Like this colourful cocktail, you are a mosaic of different tastes and cultures. You love to dance and can persuade anyone to join you on the dance floor. Your presence is like adding an exclamation point to the end of a sentence!

Sunset Fizz Cocktail

You are friendly and laid back. You are the red candies in a mixed bag—you get along with everyone! You make the people around you feel not only comfortable but celebrated. Like this bubbly cocktail, you represent the best any given day has to offer—you’re the golden hour of your friend group!

Orange Blossom Cocktail

You, my dear, are timeless—as classic as the little black dress hanging in your closet. You’re unmistakably refined and elevate any occasion just by being in attendance. Like this lovely cocktail, you carry yourself with a gentle grace that enchants those around you.

Which Prosecco cocktail resonates with you the most? Craft your own at home and share your results on social media with us by tagging @lamarcaprosecco_ca